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Saturday, February 19, 2011

PRM Applauds the Establishment of Non Muslims' Exco By DAP In Penang

As a multi racial political party in Malaysia, Bureau of Race, Religious and Gender Harmony of Parti Rakyat Malaysia sees that the establishment of  Non Muslim Affairs Exco by the DAP government is a good one in celebrating the idea of unity in diversity of Malaysia. PRM sees that other parties especially the Muslims should not feel that it is a threat to the position of Islam as official religion or Islam itself as Islam also allows the coexistence of other religions.Furthermore, freedom of religion and to practice own religions is eshrined in our very Federal Constitution.
By having this so called Non Muslim Affairs Exco in Penang will definitely strenghten the religious dialogues between Islam and other religions in the country. This definitely will promote religious tolerance in our country.
Parti Rakyat Malaysia once again stresses that in achieving and implementing the Concept of 1Malaysia and Bangsa Malaysia, the ruling government should also support this notion. PRM hopes that by having this proper exco, it will work towards preventing religious extremism in the country.

Head for Bereau of Race, Religious and Gender Harmony
Parti Rakyat Malaysia.


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